The AEO is a statute that can be obtained by the community economic operators and that supposes, mainly, to be considered by the European Union of confidence in its professional activity in customs matters. It is an optional certification, although the member states, through their Customs departments, are exerting some pressure on customs agents and large exporting or importing companies to consolidate this figure.

The AEO certificate is a standard issued by the customs administrations of the EU. It certifies that a company has complied with certain standards in relation to its security, management systems, compliance with customs regulations and solvency in progress.

Custom Broker holds the OAS certification since September 23, 2014.

The customs warehouse (DA), is a type of exempt area that allows to store indefinitely merchandise coming from outside the EU without any type of tax accruing.

Warehouse in which merchandise originating from non-EU countries can be deposited under a tax suspension regime, in order to carry out the Customs clearance of imports later, with a maximum period of 20 days.

It is a type of customs warehouse that is connected to Customs via EDI. Goods originating from non-EU countries may be deposited under a tax suspension regime, to perform import customs clearance, with a maximum period of 90 days to assign a Customs destination (consumption, transit, deposit entry, re-export, etc.)

Non-Community merchandise subject to this regime must remain under customs control until such time as the import clearance is made. This customs control implies that the operations of emptying and sorting of goods not yet cleared for import, must be carried out within the warehouses that hold this authorization, assuming an important saving for the exporter, since the storage costs in our premises are very much more advantageous than in public warehouses (port area).

The goods that have entered the ADT can later be dispatched for consumption, transit, be introduced in other deposits (without time limit and accepting new advantages) and / or re-exported.


We offer flexible solutions for US e-commerce retailers. UU And B2B companies that want to grow their business in Spain without having to invest in logistics infrastructure to do so.

CUSTOM BROKER through its parcel and logistics partners in Spain offers the widest coverage for the majority of customers, sales and shipments.

Security is of the first order and our system is the latest in technology.

Let CUSTOM BROKER handle all the logistics from your US port. UU Up to the doors of your customers anywhere in Spain.

Count on us. We are at the Madrid-Barajas airport. Located in one of the best loading areas.


contenedores en terminal


  • Customs Clearance (Import and Export)
  • Reception and registration of Transits
  • Location Changes (CUB’s)
  • Entries in warehouse A.D.T.
  • Download groupage on A.D.T
  • Dispatch on truck
  • Container Loading / Unloading
  • Customs inspections

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